Finding Joy in your Family & Work life

Join us in this engaging live webinar where we explore how you can craft a harmonious family, life and work environment, tailored to your unique family dynamics and lifestyle.

We get it, life can get really busy when we are raising a family and at the same time trying to run a successful business and aiming to set time aside for self-care. At times, it can feel like we don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish everything on our plate.

But while we can not make more time and magically extend the hours in the day, we can choose how we spend it and with whom.

In the company of experts and likeminded parents, entrepreneurs and professionals you will benefit from a time out in your busy life to reflect on how you want your family life to look, be and feel like and what you wish to achieve in your work life. Let’s explore together the core of WHY you stated a family and WHY you decided to set up your business. This will allow us to align your everyday actions, behaviours and emotions with your achievable and clear goals.


Friday 15th of March - 11:00 - 12:30 CET

What can you expect to explore?

·Rediscover your WHY.

·Setting goals for your family, personal and business life.

·Practical tips for establishing boundaries with children, clients, and beyond.

·How micro dosing can help you to carve out time for you, your family and work life.

·A powerful tool that will help you to become more mindful and focused on every aspect of life.

Join us on this journey to revive the joy in your family and work life and gain valuable insights from a community of like-minded parents & professionals.

Who is the event for? Parents, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to create a harmonised home and a balanced work life.

Cindy Van Eeckhout & Dieter Ruys are business strategists and success coaches for entrepreneurs & founders of Alegria Coaching.

Cindy & Dieter accompany entrepreneurs in achieving greater success and abundance in life. They specialize in helping entrepreneurs create more money, more time & more impact in their business and beyond.

Our business strategy and succes coaching for entrepreneurs is based on a transformational methodology designed to elevate overall joy in both professional and personal life, for lasting transformation and success.

Cindy & Dieter offer 1:1 coaching & Team coaching, and organise Webinars & Masterclasses for Entrepreneur and Professionals.

Your Hosts

Mette Theilmann, Parenting consultant and founder of Predictable Parenting and the Parenting Community app. Mette and her team help navigate parenting life with courage, confidence and self-awareness so they can raise independent and responsible children who grow up to be well adjusted adults who can function well and happy in the society they live in.

"Cindy's grounding yet bright energy, insightfulness, considerations, ethics, approach and attitude are in perfect harmony with any high performer."

I have worked with a number of personal and life coaches over the past few years, and while I honour my experiences and growth with each, my milestones and realisations are nothing short of next level and profound with Cindy. As I continue to grow and evolve I have found the perfect partner and coach in Cindy for this chapter of my life.

Cindy's grounding yet bright energy, insightfulness, considerations, ethics, approach and attitude are in perfect harmony with any high performer that wants to actually dig deep and come out with achievable wins on the other side. She is sweet, kind, thoughtful, attentive, calm and pleasant in the most relaxing way, you cannot help but be transported to a different place and space when with her.

It doesn't matter what your challenges are, if you are looking for answers to some deep rooted questions you didn't even know were haunting you and/or stopping you from growing, Cindy will be the coach that helps you find those answers within you. I cannot recommend Cindy's services enough and I hope one day you will get to experience the best this incredible coach has to offer too. Highly highly recommend.

Forat E.


Happy clients


"During the past five months of being in my transformation coaching with Dieter, I’ve experienced remarkable growth, internal and external."

I’ve been on my personal growth journey for some time now. It’s been exciting and challenging as I take my self-discovery and personal development seriously, although there have been instances where my approach is almost too serious. However, after becoming a part of “Joy of Life Coaching,” I’ve successfully managed to strike a healthier balance between my personal development journey and my entrepreneurial endeavors.

During the past five months of being in my transformation coaching with Dieter, I’ve experienced remarkable growth, internal and external. My focus has shifted towards gaining more joy from both my personal and professional life. Dieter's positive energy, empowerment, and unwavering trust have given me the wings to soar to new heights in this phase of my journey. If you’re genuinely seeking to uncover a sense of inner joy across all aspects of your life, I wholeheartedly encourage you to embark on this transformative journey with Dieter. I absolutely adore this program!"

Daphney B., CEO


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