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Hey there, we are Cindy & Dieter. We have 25 years professional experience in leadership and entrepreneurship. We do like a challenge and our life journey is inspiring, exciting and unconventional. After a corporate career in corporate business, we have built and developed together a successful and fancy B&B in Provence, where we welcomed discerned travellers and where we hosted small scale events for more than 20 years. Attached to our guesthouse, we created later a trendy boutique in jewellery, home decoration, wines and local products.

Out of love for our stunning region we participated as freelance writer and photographer in the production of a bestselling travel guide of Provence (100 Provence & Côte d’Azur) and we contributed in several travel magazines.

We are today also certified estate agents and the owners-founders of Alegria Provence Real Estate, an agency specialised in luxurious properties.

As founders and coaches from Alegria Coaching we propose “joy of life coaching” to a high performer, like you. We are committed to elevate your life. We understand the challenges of building a business – the ups and downs, the hurdles and victories. Through a transformational journey, your personal growth becomes your secret weapon. Designed specifically for entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners, we're here to help you rise above challenges and mobilise your full potential. Think big and take this opportunity to not only survive but truly thrive.

We coach globally, remote and in person, and accompany you to become the best version of yourself. We are partners in helping you finding the dots so that you can put them all together and create your full potential. We believe in holistic coaching, considering every aspect of your identity.

Because we have lived, travelled and worked in different countries with people from all over the globe, we coach in 3 languages (English, Dutch & French)

We are motivational & enthusiastic speakers.

Our core values are: love, joy of life, serve, freedom, health & autonomy.

About Cindy

Cindy is an empathic leader & entrepreneur, always ready to serve and coach high performers from all over the world.

She radiates positive energy and fuels others with her energy through deep connection, empowerment and being a source of inspiration. Cindy is a master at unleashing insights and inspiring confidence and performance in those she works with.

After obtaining her Master's degree in Business Engineering, she had a fulfilling career in corporate business. She climbed up the management ladder as a corporate sales manager in the telecom sector, where she was leading and inspiring her team, specialized in Fortune 100 . She masters sales, presentation and negotiation skills, finance & time-management . Her biggest strengths are her empathy, intuition, positive energy, motivation and her unwavering determination in achieving goals.

About Dieter

Dieter is, a seasoned entrepreneur and empathic leader, fueled by a passion for serving high performers, entrepreneurs, and change-makers worldwide.

With a natural aura of positivity, Dieter embodies a results-oriented approach while mastering the power of deep coaching to ignite transformative insights. He is a skilled connector, creating a nurturing space for high achievers to tap into their full potential.

After a Master's degree in International Relations, Dieter's journey led him through a gratifying corporate career, ascending the management ranks as a corporate account and partner manager within the telecommunications field. He provided solutions to Fortune 500 companies and engaged in fruitful collaborations. Dieter is a master of marketing, communication, negotiation, and presentation skills – an inspiring motivator who combines sharp intuition with an entrepreneurial spirit.

“ Some pursue happiness, others create it"


Besides 25 years of experience in corporate business and entrepreneurship, Cindy & Dieter are certified as coaches at Mindvalley.

We believe Mastering Coaching is a work in progress and implies continuous growth and permanent learning in life. Our holistic, systematic coaching approach, together with intensive trainings in numerous life areas such as

  • work-life balance through advanced time management (becoming focused and indestructible)

  • health & fitness, career & finance

  • quality of life & life vision

  • entrepreneurship (business freedom entrepreneur)

  • nutrition (Wildfit)

  • meditation & yoga (6-phase meditation)

  • energy and intuition (The Silva ultra-mind system)

make us ideal partners to accompany you in your journey while providing unwavering support.

What we are passionate about

In her spare time, Cindy is very much passionate by interior design, creating contemporary art, photography and reading. She loves travelling and exploring the world, practicing sports (swimming, dancing, hiking, yoga,…) and playing piano. She gets positive energy from music, meditation & nature.

She is a proud mom of two curious & joyful teenagers & a passionate wife.

In his spare time, Dieter loves inspirational conversations with friends, cooking, reading, dancing and writing. He enjoys a glass of wine and gourmet dining, he has a very eclectic taste in music genres, practices different sports (tennis, biking, hiking, yoga) and is passionate about Provence, travelling and exploring the world, extra virgin olive oil, photography, nature and meditation, technology and modern history.

He is lucky and blessed to live and work with his gorgeous wife in a magic spot and is a proud father of two teenagers, who are becoming confident citizens of the world.

"My coaching sessions with Cindy provided me two transformative insights that have completely changed everything."

Now, I have a clear vision of my business, and the great news is that these insights can be immediately actionable.Thank you so much, Cindy, for your kindness and your commitment to helping me and my business grow.

Véronique, CEO - Bubbly Communication et Co-founder Antydote


Happy clients


"During the past five months of being in my transformation coaching with Dieter, I’ve experienced remarkable growth, internal and external."

I’ve been on my personal growth journey for some time now. It’s been exciting and challenging as I take my self-discovery and personal development seriously, although there have been instances where my approach is almost too serious. However, after becoming a part of “Joy of Life Coaching,” I’ve successfully managed to strike a healthier balance between my personal development journey and my entrepreneurial endeavors.

During the past five months of being in my transformation coaching with Dieter, I’ve experienced remarkable growth, internal and external. My focus has shifted towards gaining more joy from both my personal and professional life. Dieter's positive energy, empowerment, and unwavering trust have given me the wings to soar to new heights in this phase of my journey. If you’re genuinely seeking to uncover a sense of inner joy across all aspects of your life, I wholeheartedly encourage you to embark on this transformative journey with Dieter. I absolutely adore this program!"

Daphney B., CEO


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